Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Form Publisher Forms Add-on to create reports from Google Forms Data

I recently tried out Form Publisher,  a Google Forms Add-on to create reports from Google Forms Data. I have used Autocrat for years to create mail-merge reports from Google Forms but there were some limitations such as merging only from Google Documents and not Slides. It was also a bit complicated for most of the end-users I was training on it and would just stop working at times. Then I found Form Publisher.

Form Publisher is an Add-on in the Forms add-on store. It will allow you to merge data filled out in a Google form to a template you custom design in either Google Documents, Sheets or Slides. Its pretty intuitive to set up too. You can also add as many editors to your merge job and change out your form as needed.
Learn about the creators of Form Publisher

The only downside is its only free for 100 reports/merges per month but the paid version is $36/year for unlimited reports for a Google Account with tech support included. I went to their site as well to learn more about the company and who was accessing my data. I was pleased to see the awesome team of Google App Scripts Developers who created Awesome Tables were the same team creating this new tool.

 Check it out and see what you think!

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