Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Explore: Quickly and easily cite your sources & images with Explore in Google Docs, Slides & Sheets

Explore: Quickly and easily cite your sources & images with Explore in Google Docs, Slides & Sheets

If you had ever used or never used the Research tool in Documents and slides, you will appreciate the update to this removed tool now called Explore. Explore does so many different things depending on if you use it in a Document, Slides presentation or in Sheets.
An update from the older Research tool; students, teachers and others can now pull in images and content that will automatically create citations in Google Documents as a footnote or attach the source link in Slides.  Learn more here....
(image from Google Docs Blog, accessed Jan 2017)

In Spreadsheets, you can now look up data and chart info using Explore by typing in a question instead of having to do complex formulas. Type in "what is the average amount of hours reading..." and it will calculate and form charts of the data for you. Learn more here....

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